Purple Hive HoneyTM Mead Batch 3

Brew Date: 12/21/2011

Seconds between fermentation lock outgassing.

Winter Solstice Mead

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1.6 gal water - bring to boil
carboy sterilization
2 tablespoons clorox
fill to top with water
cover with plastic wrap
let sit at least 30 minutes
rinse 6 times (3 per side)
Sterilize carboy
Stir in 20 pounds SueBee® Honey + 1 teaspoon spring '06 harvest + 1 tablespoon tartaric acid
At start of boil remove from heat
Skim scum from top
Add 1 teaspoon Irish Moss
Cool 30 minutes in ice bath - until temp is around 105oF
Add 0.8 gal spring water to 6 gal carboy
Add 3.5 gal must to carboy
Add 2 teaspoons yeast nutrient
Add 0.8 gal spring water
Add 0.75 gal distilled water
Add 1 package yeast 'Red Star Montrachet'
Swirl (with hips)
Add air lock
Used 3L water bottles - boiled 6L
Sterilized carboy while must was heating. Sink was going to be in use for ice bath.
Cooled must in sink instead of using a larger pot. Added ice twice. Used candy thermometer.
04-22-12 - Racked onto 4 cinnamon sticks and 3 vanilla beans (each cut into 3 pieces).
04-23-12 - Looks like a preservative killed fermentation.
12-09-12 - Bottled after last final for degree.