Purple Hive HoneyTM Mead Batch 1

Brew Date: 11/18/2006

Seconds between fermentation lock outgassing.

Sweet Mead

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1.5 gal water - bring to boil
Stir in 20 pounds honey + 4 ounces spring '06 harvest + 1 tablespoon citric acid
At start of boil remove from heat
Add 1 teaspoon Irish Moss
Skim scum from top - If most of the moss was removed add 1/2 teaspoon more
carboy sterilization
2 tablespoons clorox
fill to top with water
cover with plastic wrap
let sit at least 30 minutes
rinse 6 times (3 per side)
Cool 1 hour in ice bath - sterilize carboy
Add 2 gal spring water to 6 gal carboy
Add 3.5 gal honey mixture to carboy
Add 2 teaspoons yeast nutrient
Add 1 package yeast 'Red Star Montrachet'
Swirl (with hips)
Add air lock
Should see bubbles in air lock within 24 hours
If no fermentation: Swirl again - wait 48 hours
If no fermentation 72 hours from start: Add another yeast packet
Skimmed too much moss out. Primary never cleared.
Dad boiled moss in sauce pan and added to secondary carboy before racking. Mead cleared almost over night.
06-17-2007 - Primary fermentation complete
08-02-2007 - Racked
09-22-2007 - Bottled