Before I started beekeeping I put up a wish list with everything I anticipated needing. Since I was only setting up 1 hive I went with cypress parts where I could.
I will check these links when I can. They seem to change often.

Cypress Beehive:
1 X Telescoping cover B3  
1 X Inner Cover B1C  
10 X Hive Bodies A6C  
1 X Slatted Rack B14  
1 X Bottom Board B34  
1 X Hive Stand B25  
I ended up replacing the bottom board with a screened bottom board (B30-90). I may replace the slatted rack with one where the bars run parallel to the frames so falling mites have a higher chance of falling all the way down.
Non-Cypress Parts:
3 X Imirie Shim 211  
90 X Frames WW-920  
1 X Double Screen Divider B9  
1 X Queen Excluder HD-122  
1 X Fume Pad M72  
I use the Imirie shims for queen introduction as well as the extra entrance it is designed to provide. I painted the queen excluder red so that I would not forget that it is installed, but I have not actually used it.
1 X Veil V01094  
1 X Coveralls (Suit) M01063  
1 X Gloves M011381  
I used the suit when I hived the package of bees. I have not used it since then. It gave me the confidence I needed to hive them. I used the gloves when I hived the bees, but stopped using them for the rest of the first year. I started using them again since I work so much faster with them.
1 X Bee-Quick O138  
1 X Mite-A-Thol DC-250  
1 X Para-Moth DC-130  
1 X Fumagilin-B DC-105  
1 X Apistan Strips DC-665  
I used the Fumagilin-B in the first syrup that I fed to the bees after hiving them. I have not seen any evidence that they have needed it so I have not used it since. I used the Mite-A-Thol the first year only. I have a microscope now so I can check and see if they have tracheal mites. I have not seen any so no Mite-A-Thol for them.
1 X Hive Tool HD-588  
1 X Frame Lifter And Scraper HD-620  
1 X Smoker HD-555  
My Wife bought me a Frame Grip with manipulation tool (M00749) that I really like and use often.
1 X The Hive and the Honey Bee M00010  
1 X The Beekeeper's Handbook M00094  
1 X 3 lbs. Bees With Queen    
I had the queen marked, but not clipped.

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